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IMO 2021 Cyber Security Compliance; Are You Ready?

Cyber Security threats continue to be one of the top threats facing governments, businesses, and private individuals around the globe with attacks increasing exponentially on vessels and the maritime industry. We’ve discussed it numerous time on our VLOG (click here).  State and non-state actors perpetrate these attacks constantly around the clock and around the globe.  […]

The Crew Change-out Crisis Continues

The COVID crisis is not ending for the maritime industry anytime soon.  This crisis continues to cause several major issues to cargo lines, cruise lines and large yachts.  Vessels and their management companies are plagued by the inability to carry out the required crew change.  There are some ports that allow crew change outs under […]

Chartering in Uncharted Times with ARMS

Where can you charter? Can the owners or charter guests even get into our location without delays and quarantines?  Maritime issues associated with COVID-19 for different countries around the world are changing on a daily basis. Are you getting the critical information you need to effectively move your yacht?  The ARMS software platform is the only vessel-based platform that […]