ARMS onboard Explorer Yacht

Chartering in Uncharted Times with ARMS

Where can you charter? Can the owners or charter guests even get into our location without delays and quarantines?  Maritime issues associated with COVID-19 for different countries around the world are changing on a daily basis. Are you getting the critical information you need to effectively move your yacht?  The ARMS software platform is the only vessel-based platform that provides real-time information on delays, restrictions, quarantines, and closures associated with COVID-19 worldwide. ARMS was created to give you the power, insight, and freedom to avoid maritime risks that can jeopardize your journey. It’s a simple tablet-based interface that pulls in real-time data on disease outbreaks, major weather, civil unrest, cyber threats, port delays, and piracy. It’s all on one screen, with alerts tailored to your location and your protocols. ARMS is backed up by IMSA’s 24/7 operations center where you have direct access to intelligence and communication specialists.
One view. Every Yacht. Every threat.
Yacht managers deal with complex issues on a daily basis while trying to manage multiple aspects of their fleet. The Fleet Manager ARMS interface gives yacht managers the power and insight to see the location of their vessels, and the potential issues that could jeopardize their journey wherever they are in the world.

Updated Product, New Pricing
COVID-19 has prompted IMSA to provide updates to ARMS as well introducing a new pricing structure to ensure all of our customers can afford its invaluable information. For more information or to request a demo please contact our Director of Sales, Erik Speyer via email at [email protected] or by phone 954-880-9800 ex 207.

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