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Are International Cyber Regulations Going to Help?

You’ve probably heard of a vessel, management company or large maritime organization that has been the victim of a cyber security attack. It happens within this industry on almost a daily basis. Many cyber experts believe the maritime industry has seen an increase of over 900% when it comes to attacks against critical infrastructure within […]

“Swim Buddy” Keeps Crew Safe

Secure at Sea: ‘Swim buddy’ keeps crew safe By Corey D. Ranslem(article originally appeared in The Triton Newspaper: https://www.the-triton.com/2020/02/secure-at-sea-swim-buddy-keeps-crew-safe/ ) “Swim buddy” is a term that still rattles around in my brain. It was a term we used a lot while I was in the U.S. Coast Guard, especially on the law enforcement teams. Whenever […]

Secure at Sea: Before Bringing Weapons Aboard, Weigh these Factors

Before Bringing Weapons Aboard, Weigh these Factors By Corey D. Ranslem **This article originally appeared in The Triton Nautical newspaper in September 2018 (https://www.the-triton.com/2018/09/secure-at-sea-before-bringing-guns-aboard-weigh-these-factors/). “Small vessel rapidly approaching from the port quarter!” is something no captain or bridge watch stander wants to hear when transiting through a high-risk area. When discussing shipboard security, the topic […]