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HudsonTrident and IMSA Announce Strategic Teaming Agreement

//Camden, New Jersey ( 15 October, 2018; 0900 EDT) Today IMSA (https://imsa.global/) of Fort Lauderdale, FL and Chattanooga, TN, and HudsonAnalytix, Inc., of Camden NJ, through its maritime security and cyber risk management affiliates, HudsonTrident and HudsonCyber, respectively (“Hudson”), are pleased to announce they have entered into a Strategic Teaming Agreement (http://www.hudsonanalytix.com/Home/HudsonTrident/tabid/77/Default.aspx) to offer comprehensive […]

Secure at Sea: Before Bringing Weapons Aboard, Weigh these Factors

Before Bringing Weapons Aboard, Weigh these Factors By Corey D. Ranslem **This article originally appeared in The Triton Nautical newspaper in September 2018 (https://www.the-triton.com/2018/09/secure-at-sea-before-bringing-guns-aboard-weigh-these-factors/). “Small vessel rapidly approaching from the port quarter!” is something no captain or bridge watch stander wants to hear when transiting through a high-risk area. When discussing shipboard security, the topic […]

Secure at Sea: VSAT Attacks, Crypto-Jacking Expand Hackers’ Arsenal

Secure at Sea: VSAT attacks, Crypto-Jacking Expand Hackers’ Arsenal By Corey D. Ranslem **This article originally appeared in The Triton Nautical Newspaper in July of 2018 (https://www.the-triton.com/2018/07/secure-at-sea-vsat-attacks-crypto-jacking-expand-hackers-arsenal/).  “The British are coming! The British are coming!” was the famous cry of Paul Revere on his midnight ride to alert the American colonial militia of the approaching […]

IMSA Forecasts Smooth Sailing in Chattanooga

May 30, 2018 By Christina Siebold, Q Strategies When you think of Chattanooga, you probably don’t think of ocean-going threats like weather patterns on the Pacific or piracy.  But for one new venture, the Scenic City is the safest place to locate their business helping ships avoid obstacles on the high seas. In fact, for […]

8 Companies to Watch in 2018

IMSA Selected as one of the 8 Companies to Watch in 2018 Chattanooga business and lifestyles magazine selected 8 companies in Chattanooga to watch in 2018.  IMSA was selected to be a part of the incredible group of innovative companies.  Click on the link below to read the full article posted in the March issues […]

Blockchain and the Maritime Industry

Blockchain and the Maritime Industry By Corey D. Ranslem, IMSA The mainstream popularity of crypto-currencies has exploded in the past couple of years. News coverage on the currencies and their wild movements is covered almost hourly via business news and now mainstream media. However, there is a very interesting technology called Blockchain that is used […]

Alert System Wins Innovator Award

From The Triton Nautical Newspaper November 29, 2017 A new software platform that provides real-time, onboard alerts for maritime uses received the Chattanooga Technology Council’s Early Innovator Award in November. The beta version of ARMS displays risk and threat information to vessels at sea that is geo-location specific, according to Corey Ranslem, chief executive officer […]

Visa and Entry Issues White Paper

White Paper on Visa and Entry Issues for the Large Yacht Industry by John Mann and Corey Ranslem Introduction: The large yacht industry has dealt with visa and entry issues for several years.  The industry trade organizations have dedicated time through various committees to address these issues with differing levels of concentration depending on the […]