Tracking COVID19 through ARMS

International Maritime Security Associates is now providing live tracking of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) through their ARMS shipboard platform.  Mariners at sea can access live information on the concentration of the disease, the closures (port and other) related to the disease and any quarantine information for vessels/crew anywhere in the world.  The platform updates every 10 minutes so mariners have the most up to date information to help them make better decisions protecting their crews, passengers and cargo worldwide.  Shore side managers also have a user interface to help their vessels with planning and tracking.  ARMS is currently the only shipboard platform providing live, real-time shipboard access for tracking COVID19 and the related issues.

If you would like more information on ARMS please reach out to us here at IMSA (check out the full list of critical information topics ARMS covers outside of medical)

[email protected]

+1 234 312 4855

If you are in South Florida let us know and we can set-up a private demo of the platform or put together a remote demo for clients in other parts of the world.